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Pasta Machine TR70 INOX Made in Italy

Pasta Machine TR70 INOX Made in Italy
Pasta Machine TR70 INOX Made in Italy

Pasta Machine TR70 INOX Made in Italy   Pasta Machine TR70 INOX Made in Italy

Whats the maximum bowl capacity of a La Pastaia pasta machine? The maximum bowl capacity of every LaPastaia machine is expressed in Kg of flour. TR 50 1.5 Kg + 30-35% of moisture. TR 70 1.5 Kg + 30-35% of moisture.

TR 75/E 3 Kg + 30-35% of moisture. TR 75 4 Kg + 30-35% of moisture. TR 95 6 Kg + 30-35% of moisture.

TR 110 - TR 110/S 12 Kg + 30-35% of moisture. TRD 110 bowl 1: 12 Kg + 30-35% of moisture. Bowl 2: 8 Kg + 30-35% of moisture.

TR 150 80 Kg + 30-35% of moisture. However, operating the machine with the maximum quantity may not be optimal for obtaining a well-mixed dough. There is no minimum amount of flour, but it should fill at least half of the bowl and reach the mixing arm. This will allow the optimal operation of the machine.

You can also use a smaller amount but if you do, keep in mind that the machine will have to work for longer and will not knead as well as when it is working with larger amounts. What are the ideal proportions to obtain good dough?

To obtain good dough, pour the desired amount of flour into the bowl, keeping in mind that for all models, the moisture must be about 35%. You will need 4-5 eggs for every kilo of flour (maximum 7 eggs, supposing that 1 weighs 50 g). For every missing egg add 50 g of water. Amounts for good dough 1 kg of flour + 350 g of moisture/liquid (7 eggs). This amount takes a 35% moisture into account, but it depends on the type of dough you want to obtain. Use about 7 eggs for 1 kg of flour (for every missing egg add 50 g of water). The dough is good when, at the end of the process, it results in grains as large as coffee beans.

If little balls form while kneading, it means that youve added too much liquid. In this case, you will have to add flour and knead a little while longer before passing it through the die. If, on the other hand, the flour remains very powdery, add a little more water.

What flour can I use? You can use any type of flour, semolina, or a mix of semolina and flour. You can work the dough with eggs alone or with eggs and water. You can replace part of the water with spinach or well-minced vegetables for green pasta. You will have to find the right flour-moisture ratio. We have carried out tests with durum wheat flour. Since the moisture of the flour varies depending on the type, location and climate in which it is stored, the indicated doses should be adapted to the type of flour that is kneaded, reducing or adding a bit of water. How long does it take to make pasta? On average, LaPastaia machines take about 30 minutes to make pasta: 10 minutes for kneading + 20 minutes for shaping it (bigoli take less time to shape than thin spaghetti). At what temperature does the pasta come out? The pasta comes out of the extruder at a temperature of about 30-35 °C.

What is the fan for? The fan is not for drying the pasta (which requires a pre-dryer and a dryer), but it ensures that the product e.

What is the sleeve cooling unit for? The sleeve cooling unit keeps the heads temperature constant. We recommend the RA model for working continuously because the dough always remains perfect.

Should the temperature increase due to the head heating up, the dough could fall apart. Do you need water for the sleeve cooling unit?

The cooling unit needs tap water. The tap should run at about one-third of its flow rate (the required amount of water is about one litre per minute). Alternatively, you can insert a pump from a water tank and form a closed circuit. How does the production output compare between the TR 75 and the TR 95?

The output of the TR 95 is almost twice the output of the TR 75. This is because the motor of the TR 95 is faster and more powerful, and the dies are larger and have more outputs; therefore, they extrude a larger amount of pasta. With a TR 75, you would need to make two batches together to obtain the same amount of pasta that the TR 95 makes in 1 hour. Does the TR 70 pasta machine come only in the single-phase version? The TR 70 is also available in the three-phase version, but you need to order the motor.

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  1. Country/Region of Manufacture: Italy
  2. Type: TR70 INOX
  3. Brand: Avancini - La Pastaia

Pasta Machine TR70 INOX Made in Italy   Pasta Machine TR70 INOX Made in Italy